XIV CODAIP is unmissable this year – on line

The XIV CODAIP is unmissable this year, completely online with more than 50 international experts who will address the impacts of the new Internet technologies and the modernization of copyright.

From November 3rd to 6th of 2020 the Study Group on Copyright and Industrial Law (GEDAI) of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) will hold the XIV Congress on Copyright and the Public Interest. This year’s event will be held entirely through the INTERNET due to the restrictions imposed by the sanitary measures in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The registration form for the XIV CODAIP can be found here: https://forms.gle/uTAMYCkoyncptZvY7

The Congress is in line with other initiatives already undertaken by GEDAI/UFPR and aims to stimulate a critical and in-depth approach to Intellectual Property Law. In this opportunity, the public and economic interests involved in the issue of Copyright and the new business models in the Creative Economy will be analyzed.

The global scenario of Copyright goes through great and intense debates, revealing the American, European and Latin American trends and positions, as well as those from the main legal research centers in the world regarding the creation, distribution and use of digital goods in a globalized world connected by the INTERNET. Current issues such as these will be addressed in the event:

New challenges for Copyright in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New business models and artistic expressions in the Creative Economy and how they should be adequately protected for a fair remuneration of authors.

How will be the Intellectual Property Rights of works created through artificial intelligence be protected.

Digital Culture as an affirmation of public interest in the digital transformation of the cultural heritage of museum collections and its dissemination on the Internet.

What public interests will be the parameters for legislative changes and how to undertake a positive agenda so that the new development models for Brazil effectively promote social, technological, and cultural inclusion.


The main purpose of the Congress on Copyright and the Public Interest is to facilitate the debate among academic, professional, and artistic sectors in the area of Copyright and Cultural Rights on the need for reform of the Copyright Law within the cultural and technological context of Brazilian society.

In this event the participants, besides the lectures, panels, and case studies, will be able to take part in lectures presented by the main Research Groups in the country and abroad, allowing them to know their current research topics. Likewise, they will be able to participate in the Copyright Workshops, aimed at training producers and cultural managers, producers, creators of educational content for face-to-face and distance education, and professionals working in the field of intellectual property in general.

In its 14th edition, more than 50 (fifty) international experts will discuss online the new frontiers of copyright law.

Among the international speakers we highlight the following professionals who have already been invited to participate:

Prof. Dr. Alejo Barrenechea – University of Buenos Aires/Argentina

Prof. Dr. Alexandre Libório Dias Pereira – University of Coimbra/Portugal

Prof. Dr. Andres Guadamuz – Sussex University/England

Prof. Dr. Axel Metzger      – Humboldt-University Berlin/Germany

Prof. Dr. Beatriz Bugallo – Center for Intellectual Property Studies / Uruguay

Prof. Dr. Beatriz Busaniche – FLACSO of Buenos Aires/Argentina

Professor Dr. Benedetta Ubertazzi – University of Macerata/Italy

Prof. Dr. Carlos Alberto Ferreyros Soto – University of Montpellier/France

Prof. Dr. Carlos M Correa – South Centre, Geneva

Prof. Dr. Christian Pfeiffer – University of Chile – Heidelberg Center/Chile

Prof. Dr. Claudia Sandei – University of Padua/Italy

Prof. Dr. Dário Moura Vicente – APDI, University of Lisbon/Portugal

Prof. Dr. Erick Uriarte       – ACAM, Association of Composers and Musical Authors/Costa Rica

Prof. Dr. Felipe Palau – University of Valencia/Spain

Prof. Dr. Francois Dessemontet – University of Lausanne/Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Gonzalo Nazar de la Veja – Max Planck/Argentina Institute

Prof. Dr. Guillermo Palao Moreno – University of Valencia/Spain

Profa. Dra.  Ivana Kunda – University of Rijeka – Croatia

Prof. Dr.  Javier Freire – INPI – Equador

Prof. Dr. João Paulo Fernandes Remédio Marques – University of Coimbra/Portugal

Prof. Dr. José Juan Castelló Pastor – University of Valencia/Spain

Professor Karin Grau-Kuntz – IBPI/Germany

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kraus – University of Neuchatel/France

Profa. Dra. Mannon Ress – Knowledge Ecology International – Washington, DC

Prof. Dr. Manuel David Masseno – Institute of Beja – Portugal

Prof. Dr. María Sol Terlizzi – FLACSO of Buenos Aires/Argentina

Professor María Vazquez – University of San Andres/Argentina

Professor Maria Victória Rocha – Portuguese Catholic University Porto/Portugal

Professor Marie-Elodie Ancel – University of Paris/France

Prof. Dr. Martin Moscoso Villacorta – PUC of Peru/Peru

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Binctin – University of Poitiers/France

Prof. Dr. Nicolás Hermida – FLACSO of Buenos Aires/ARGENTINA

Prof. Dr. Nikolas Guggenberger – ITM,University of Münster/Germany

Prof. Dr. Pedro de Miguel Asensio – Complutense University of Madrid/Spain

Prof. Dr. Pedro Henrique Batista – Max Planck Institut/Germany

Prof. Dr. Peter K Yu – Texas A&M University/ United States of America

Prof. Dr. Rafael Ferraz Vazquez – WIPO/Geneva

Prof. Dr. Rainer Kuhlen – University of Koln/Germany

Prof. Dr. Rita Matulionyte – Macquarie University/Australia

Prof. Dr. Ryan Abbott – University Surrey/England

Prof. Dr. Santiago Schuster Vergara – University of Chile/Chile

Prof. Dr. Sean Flynn – American University Washington College of Law/United States

Prof. Dr. Stefania Bariatti – University of Milan/Italy

Prof. Dr. Steve Falati – Albany Law School/United States

Profa. Dra. Susy Frankel – Victoria University of Wellington/New Zealand

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren – ITM, University of Münster/Germany

Prof. Dr. Toshiyki Kono – Kyushu University/Japan

Prof. Dr. Valentina Delich – FLACSO of Buenos Aires/Argentina

Prof. Dr. Yogesh Pai – National Law University Delhi/India

The XIV Congress on Copyright and the Public Interest has the support of the Postgraduate Program in Law of UFPR, the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Staff – CAPES and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development – CNPq.

The registration form for the XIV CODAIP can be found here:


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